Group Lecture

Effective communication

Imagine the impact on your business if you knew how best to communicate with every one of your employees...

  • in all different situations

  • so they understand your message as you intended it

  • so they know what they need to do in response (and act on it)

  • at the time you need

It's not enough to just ensure communication is taking place.

It needs to be effective.

Team dynamics observations

We can observe and advise on team interactions and dynamics, we can provide an independent perspective, challenge the status quo, and offer expertise.

Psychometric profiling

Ask us to conduct psychometric profiling on an individual or team basis to enable deep insights into how your workforce are likely to react to one another and to you, depending on the situation. This can enable more precise planning, better decision making, more personalised approaches, and improved provision of support to ensure a successful outcome for both you and your employees.

Communications plans

We can talk to you about how to create an impactful communications plan for a project, change or to use as a general methodology for all your internal 'comms'. We can support you to implement a plan, or we can simply provide templates for you to do it all in-house.

Managing change

We can't avoid change (but we can be sure of it)

Businesses constantly change and that's necessary, but people don't always react to those changes as you expect or as you need. And when we talk about change, we don't just mean the big kind (size isn't everything), we mean this:           


                             change     noun
                             "the act or result of something becoming different"*

Sometimes implementing something seemingly small, like a new policy or a new desk layout, causes people to react in a way that's totally unexpected (and probably unwanted). That can cause problems - taking up time, affecting your employees' morale and wellbeing...and increasing your costs.

How can you know how your people might react before you implement a change at work?

How do you ensure the change is implemented effectively?

How do you minimise risk of fallout?

Our tools and support will give you the confidence you need to implement change in your business effectively, minimising disruption, achieving what you need, and mitigating risk.

Our approaches aren't just based on change management methodologies and case studies of best practice. We know there is more to 'change', and how human beings react to it, than that.