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Employment and policies

Employing people can feel complicated sometimes or a bit overwhelming. If you're choosing to take someone on for the first time, you might just decide to go ahead and do it with a verbal agreement and a handshake, to keep things simple.


That's fine, you can do that, but it will put your business at unecessary risk.

There are some key things that you legally have to do when you first employ someone.

Do you know what those things are?

If you employ someone, there are things you should do to be legally compliant such as:

  1. Ensure they're legally entitled to work in the UK

  2. Ensure what you're going to pay them meets (or exceeds) the National Minimum Wage

  3. Provide them with a Written Statement of Employment Particulars

  4. Provide them with details of your disciplinary and grievance procedures

  5. Check if you need to enrol them into a workplace pension

  6. Ensure you give them the rest breaks they are legally entitled to each day

  7. Ensure their weekly working hours are within the Working Time Regulations

  8. Provide them with the statutory minimum paid annual holiday entitlement

  9. Provide them with statutory minimum entitlements for pay and leave for sickness and all types of family related leave

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You should also do things such as:

  • Consider whether they need a DBS check to carry out your work

  • Give them a job description so it's clear what they're expected to do

  • Comply with the HSE's health and safety requirements

  • Ensure you have employer's liability insurance

This is not an exhaustive list though...

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