Team Meeting

Managing your employees

Your line managers are key to the success of your organisation - they are the interface between the business and individual employees. They must communicate, engage, motivate and support; they are pivotal in the achievement of your organisation's goals.

Are your line managers confident and equipped to get the best out of your staff?

Ultimately...they help the organisation to meet its strategic goals

What makes an effective line manager?

Line managers have a tough job to do, to be effective, they must do all these things:


  • engage and motivate their team members

  • communicate regularly and openly

  • support and enable them to do their jobs

  • develop their staff to continuously improve

  • recognise achievement amongst their staff

  • deal with all types of staff absence

  • manage under performance and capability issues

  • deal with problems in conduct - disciplinaries

  • resolve employee disputes - grievances

  • recruit new team members

  • embody your company culture

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Key Templates and Guide for

Effective Line Management